What Can College and University Presidents, Chief Academic Officers and Government Affairs Executives Do About H.R. 4508?

February 21, 2018
  • Stay in Touch. Be aware of the developments at the federal level.  CHEA will keep you informed of the progress of the House bill, reactions, progress in the House and the emergence of a bill in the Senate as these relate to accreditation.
  • Be Strong Advocates. Continue to be strong advocates for the fundamental strengths of accreditation – commitment to mission, peer review, academic freedom, institutional autonomy and quality improvement – without which quality in higher education would be seriously compromised. When meeting with members of a Congressional delegation, promoting these key features of accreditation is essential.
  • Focus on Accreditation’s Enduring Issues. The issues of student learning outcomes, public accountability, transparency, credibility, innovation and gatekeeping are likely to be central to any reauthorization bill that becomes law. Discussions, letters and commentary on these issues and how they can be effectively addressed in accreditation are vital to furthering the value of accreditation.
  • Further Enhance Institutional Credibility. Focus on further strengthening accountability appropriate to an institution – evidence of student success, efforts to strengthen programs and offerings, commitment to improve student completion and achievement and greater transparency.

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