CIQG Membership Benefits

CIQG Member LogoMembership in the Quality Group is an additional benefit to current CHEA member institutions as part of their annual dues.

Others eligible for membership in the CIQG – for a nominal fee – include:

  • Higher education institutions in the United States that are not CHEA members and are accredited by recognized U.S. accrediting organizations
  • Higher education institutions from other countries in good standing with their national quality assurance bodies
  • Higher education accreditation and quality assurance bodies sanctioned by government or other competent authorities
  • Higher education associations, government agencies, businesses and corporations and foundations

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) International Quality Group (CIQG) is an initiative associated with CHEA, a nonprofit institutional membership organization that provides coordination of accreditation. Eligibility for membership in CIQG is based solely on criteria published in CIQG documents. These criteria do not include any review, approval or judgment about the quality of any members. CIQG membership criteria are separate and distinct from criteria for membership in CHEA, are not related to CHEA recognition of accrediting organizations and do not constitute or connote any evaluation by CHEA of the CIQG member. CIQG Membership does not constitute membership in or review or endorsement by CHEA.