Morris Brown College and Accreditation

January 13, 2021


Back from 2 Decades on the Brink (Inside Higher Ed, January 12, 2021) "Atlanta HBCU spent nearly 20 years limping along without access to federal financial aid funding. Then its board chair gave an ultimatum: get on a path to accreditation or close."

Higher Education Leaders Celebrate the Resignation of Betsy DeVos (Diverse Issues in Higher Education, January 8, 2021) "DeVos loosened accreditor oversight, and, while that was perhaps less 'in the public eye,' it fueled a higher education landscape where accreditors increasingly compete with each other for business."

Senate HELP Leadership [Politico "Weekly Education" [after opening link, scroll down to see item], January 4, 2021) "Whoever leads the HELP Committee will need a broad consensus on legislation, given the tightly divided Senate where most legislation will require 60 votes for passage, [Senate HELP Committee Member Chris] Murphy said. One opportunity for such bipartisanship: the Higher Education Act reauthorization. 'I think there's the ability to find common ground and really invest in accountability in higher education, both for for-profits and for not-for-profits,' Murphy said. 'My hope is that that's the committee's priority in the new year.'"

High-Paying Jobs Without the College Degree (Telegraph Herald (Iowa), Tribune News Service, January 3, 2021) "To find online databases of legitimate schools that meet industry standards and whose certifications are accepted widely, visit the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation."