Education Companies to Expand into U.S. and Other Accreditation-Related News

May 20, 2016

From Singapore to Santa Fe (Inside Higher Ed, May 19, 2016) “A Singaporean education company with 30 colleges in 13 countries plans to expand into the U.S. with its purchase of an art college in Santa Fe. A notice of the proposed purchase states as the rationale that it would enable Raffles ‘to acquire a fully fledged and duly accredited institution for higher education in the United States of America. ... The proposed acquisition will allow [Raffles Education Corporation] to expand into the United States and leverage its extensive student base in Asia.’”

French Coding Academy Comes to the U.S. (Inside Higher Ed, May 19, 2016) “The French coding academy 42 is coming to Silicon Valley with a goal of teaching 10,000 students how to code over the next five years.”

Private Universities Introduce Quality Assurance Unit (Ghana News Agency, May 18, 2016) “The Council of Independent Universities (CIU) has formed a peer-review commission to lead a process that creates a centralized quality assurance system that appraises programmes and degrees to meet local and international standards.”

Accreditation and Competency-Based Education (by CHEA President Judith Eaton in The Journal of Competency-Based Education, April 27, 2016) “The current increased emphasis on CBE is resulting in institutions and programs taking fresh approaches to their academic activity. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) sought to learn more about how the increased emphasis was affecting institutional and programmatic accreditation.”

CHEA Releases Publication on Boards and Accreditation (CHEA News Release, May 17, 2016) “The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) has released A Board Member’s Guide to Accreditation: The Basics, The Issues, The Challenges.”