Achieving Social Mobility Through Regional Higher Education Networks

November 22, 2019


Achieving Social Mobility Through Regional HE Networks (University World News, November 16, 2019) “Regional qualifications frameworks, which are anchored in learning outcomes, in conjunction with a regional quality assurance framework and a regional credit transfer system may help address the equivalency of educational qualifications, while a regional mobility programme can help to address issues of access and equity, at least at regional levels.”

Panjab University Fails to Submit Annual Reports to NAAC, May Affect Its Grades (Hindustan Times, November 20, 2019) “The Panjab University has failed to submit the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) since 2015, which can prove to be a setback for the varsity in the next NAAC visit.”

South Africa Takes Steps to Assure the Quality of Its Doctorates (Study, November 12, 2019) “South Africa’s Council on Higher Education is about to conduct a national review of higher education institutions that offer doctoral-level qualifications. This will be the first of its kind for the council, which, among other things, is responsible for developing and implementing systems of quality assurance for higher education.”

Technology’s Part In University Cheating (Forbes, October 30, 2019) “Unlike the U.S. which has been slow to crack down on these online companies, independent bodies in other countries have been revising their standards and taking actions such as the Quality Assurance Agency in the UK which published guidance for higher education providers on how to address the problem of contract cheating.”