Webinar #3: Quality Assurance and the Challenge of Addressing Academic Corruption

Webinar Series on Quality Assurance and Combatting Academic Corruption

Webinar #3: Quality Assurance and the Challenge of Addressing Academic Corruption

The third Webinar in the series explored the standards, practices and policies of quality assurance organizations from various countries and regions to address what quality assurance is doing now to fight academic corruption and what it might do in the future. It is part of a CHEA/CIQG research project that is examining quality assurance and academic corruption in relation to:

  • The regulation of higher education systems
  • The teaching role of higher education
  • Student admission and recruitment
  • Student assessment
  • Credentials and qualifications
  • Research and publications

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Panelists and Moderator:

Irene Glendinning

Irene Glendinning
Office of Teaching and Learning, Coventry University,
and project leader for the CHEA/CIQG research project

Carol Bobby

Carol Bobby
Immediate Past President
and CEO, Council for Accreditation of
Counseling and Related Educational Programs

Peter Okebukola

Peter Okebukola
Global University
Network for
Innovation – Africa

Colin Tück

Colin Tück
European Quality
Assurance Register
for Higher Education
(EQAR) Director

This Webinar is of value to quality assurance leaders, academic leaders such as faculty and academic administrators, students and student organizations, higher education associations and government officials.

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) International Quality Group (CIQG) has been focusing on the role of quality assurance in combatting academic corruption in higher education, seeking to enhance the capacity of accreditation and quality assurance bodies in addressing this important challenge. CHEA/CIQG, working with the International Institute for Educational Planning of UNESCO, published an Advisory Statement for Effective International Practice in 2016. 

The first Webinar provided an overview of the role of quality assurance and academic corruption. The second Webinar explored the role of quality assurance with a particular focus on plagiarism.