Teaching Lab Sciences and Fine Arts During COVID-19

April 15, 2020


Remotely Hands-On: Teaching Lab Sciences and the Fine Arts During COVID-19 (Inside Higher Ed, April 14, 2020) “Accreditation is another piece of the puzzle. How do outside bodies responsible for assuring quality in hands-on programs adapt to the moment?”

The Case for Escape Hatches From Higher Education Accreditation (Texas Public Policy Foundation, April, 2020) “The higher education accreditation system is supposed to support peer-driven quality improvement efforts as well as provide a quality assurance role through accreditors’ role as gatekeepers for federal financial aid. But accreditation does not fulfill these roles, as it is impossible to be a consultant and a regulator simultaneously.”

How Colleges Are Grading Students During Coronavirus  (WAMU, April 10, 2020) “Other schools have held back on changing grading policies because they're worried about accreditation issues if they remove grades for the semester. That's despite the fact that some colleges, such as Brown University, have been entirely grade-optional for decades.”

Pass/Fail Grades May Help Students During the Covid-19 Crisis, but Could Cost Them Later (PBS News Hour, April 7, 2020) “‘This is a point where we have to start leaning into the integrity of our programs, the integrity of higher education and the integrity of our accreditation -- to rely on that and take one another's word for it' that work completed successfully at one institution deserves credit from another.”

Why the Coronavirus Crisis Could Hit Historically Black Colleges and Universities Especially Hard (The Washington Post, April 7, 2020) “HBCUs rely a lot on tuition and have smaller endowments than other schools. If these HBCUs get into financial trouble, they risk losing their accreditation since financial stability is one part of what it takes to remain accredited. Without accreditation, it is nearly impossible to recruit students.”