Quality Assurance and Alternative Providers and Other Accreditation-Related Issues

March 27, 2017

Quest to Define, and Assure, Quality in Alternative Learning (Inside Higher Ed, March 23, 2017) “The emergence of a growing and disjointed landscape of alternative providers of postsecondary learning requires a new system of quality assurance, and a group of organizations with an interest in alternative learning suggests several possible structures to accomplish that, according to a report released [March 22].”

Accreditors Must Prioritize Student Outcomes in Measuring College Quality (Center for American Progress, March 23, 2017) “Too many students who take out loans do not earn a degree or do not earn enough to pay down their debt, and they face damaging consequences either way. In many cases, accreditors – the oversight bodies that are supposed to help prevent this – should be doing a better job.”

Accrediting Group Sees 2017 As Year of Governance (Diverse Issues in Higher Education, March 23, 2017) “At a time when the roles and functions of college and university governing boards are being increasingly debated, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) is focusing on ‘effective governance’ at its annual Small College Initiative meeting set for next month in Atlanta.”

ATU Accreditation Possibly At Risk (Courier News, March 15, 2017) “Dr. Robin E. Bowen, president of Arkansas Tech University, has said that recent actions by state lawmakers may threaten the university’s accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission.”

The Best Higher Education System in the World (National Review, March 16, 2017) “This diversity is under siege from various standardizing and homogenizing forces. The main job of a conservative administration is to make sure that government regulation is not one of those forces. When it comes to accreditation and so forth, we conservatives favor libertarian means for non-libertarian ends.”


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