Paul Ryan, Colleges and Accreditation and Other Accreditation-Related News

June 20, 2016

Is Paul Ryan Right That American Colleges Amount to ‘A Cartel’? (PoltiFact Wisconsin, June 16, 2016) “Ryanhas argued that reforms in the accreditation process — including the embrace of non-traditional teaching formats such as massive online open courses — could help lower tuition costs.”

College Accreditation Is Built On Bad Incentives (Forbes, June 16, 2016) “Accreditation failures are the natural result of the system’s bad incentives and lack of market discipline.”

Protecting Students from Bad Colleges (New York Times, June 20, 2016) “The Obama administration last weekproposed new regulations intended to protect taxpayers and borrowers from Corinthian-style disasters while eliminating some obstacles that have historically prevented students who have been defrauded by schools from aggressively seeking redress through the courts.”

International Coverage of U.S. Department of Education Recommendation to Revoke Accreditor’s Recognition (University World News, June 16, 2016) “Judith S Eaton, president of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, which represents 3,000 degree-granting colleges, told University World News that the Department of Education recommendation is consistent with its current increased emphasis on accountability, transparency and protecting students when it comes to US accreditation. ‘The department is very much engaged in framing expectations of effective accreditation based on this emphasis and this applies to all types of accrediting organisations that are reviewed by our federal government,’ she said.”

Dozens of QAA Jobs ‘At Risk’ (Times Higher Education, June 16, 2016) “Dozens of jobs could be axed by the Quality Assurance Agency after its role in monitoring standards in English higher education was significantly reduced.”

What Being a ‘Ranked University’ Means (Philippine Star, June 16, 2016) “These rankings, or academic quality assurance efforts in general, should not be the be-all and end-all of university management and policy.”

Finances, Quality, Outcomes Could Stymie UK TNE Growth (The Pie News, June 15, 2016) “Most institutions involved in TNE [transnational education] have more students off campus than on, presenting a huge challenge to monitor student experience and quality assurance.”