Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board, American Society of Landscape Architects - (LAAB-ASLA)

First professional programs in landscape architecture at the bachelor’s or master’s level in the United States and its territories. (2013)

Recognized by

  • Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
Kristopher D. Pritchard
Executive Director

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United States

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The institutions (programs) listed here have been accredited as of February 2018, as reported by the accrediting organization. As information about institutions (programs) that have obtained or lost their accreditation subsequent to this date has become available and verified, these institutions (programs) have been added or deleted.

CHEA Profile Accredited Program City State / Territory / Province
Arizona State University BSLA Program Tempe AZ
Arizona State University MLA Program  Tempe AZ
Auburn University MLA Program Auburn AL
Ball State University BLA Program Muncie IN
Ball State University MLA Program Muncie IN
Boston Architectural College BLA Program Boston MA
Boston Architectural College MLA Program Boston MA
California Polytechnic State University BLA Program San Luis Obispo CA
California State Polytechnic University BSLA Program Pomona CA
California State Polytechnic University MLA Program Pomona CA
City College of New York, The MLA Program New York NY
Clemson University BLA Program Clemson SC
Clemson University MLA Program  Clemson SC
Colorado State University BSLA Program Fort Collins CO
Cornell University BSLA Program Ithaca NY
Cornell University MLA Program Ithaca NY
Delaware Valley University BSLA Program Doylestown PA
Florida International University MLA Program Miami FL
Harvard University MLA Program Cambridge MA
Illinois Institute of Technology MLA Program  Chicago IL
Iowa State University BLA Program Ames IA
Iowa State University MLA Program Ames IA
Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) BLA Program Philadelphia PA
Kansas State University MLA Program Manhattan KS
Louisiana State University BLA Program Baton Rouge LA
Louisiana State University MLA Program Baton Rouge LA
Michigan State University BLA Program East Lansing MI
Mississippi State University BLA Program Mississippi State MS
Mississippi State University MLA Program Mississippi State MS
Morgan State University MLA Program Baltimore MD
North Carolina A & T State University BSLA Program Greensboro NC
North Carolina State University MLA Program Raleigh NC
North Dakota State University BLA Program Fargo ND
Ohio State University, The BSLA Program Columbus OH
Ohio State University, The MLA Program Columbus OH

* Indicates a free-standing, single purpose program.

**Indicates Candidate only.

***Indicates Applicant only.