An Interview with James Keevy (Podcast)


James Keevy, Chief Executive Officer of JET Education Services, talks with CHEA President Judith Eaton about digitization – its key features and importance – and the impact of digitization on higher education and quality assurance.  Published: Feb, 2020

Full Podcast (30:03)

Segment 1: (2:45)
What Are Major Features of the New Digital Era?

Segment 2: (1:45)
The Impact of the New Digital Era on Higher Education

Segment 3: (2:22)
The Emerging Future: An Emphasis on Non-Formal Learning and Technology Mediating Learning

Segment 4: (2:17)
A New Paradigm for Learning

Segment 5: (1:16)
World Reference Levels: An Example of a Movement Toward Globalization

Segment 6: (1:19)
The Free Exchange of Understanding and Judgements About Learning

Segment 7: (3:15)
Quality Assurance and the Pace of Educational Change

Segment 8: (1:09)
Quality Assurance and Governments

Segment 9: (2:16)
More Actors in Quality Assurance? The Role of the Private Sector

Segment 10: (2:41)
The CHEA Quality Platform and Traditional Quality Review

Segment 11: (1:29)
The Digital Revolution and the Change in Credentialing

Segment 12: (3:44)
Credentials, Digital Learning and Career Skills

Segment 13: (2:46)
Additional Comments and Summing Up


CHEA/CIQG Policy Brief: Has Quality Assurance Become Obsolete in the Digital Era?
James Keevy, Chief Executive Officer, JET Education Services

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Peter van der Hijden, Higher Education Expert