International QA in the News: Liberia Acts on Illegal Institutions

July 6, 2018


Liberia: Higher Education Commission Shuts Down of 6 Illegal Universities (Front Page Africa, July 3, 2018) "The Liberian National Commission on Higher Education said the universities or colleges have neither Operational Permit nor Provisional Accreditation from the Commission and have been offering faked degree programs“

Higher Education of India Commission Will Fare No Better Than University Grants Commission Without Changing How Universities Are Administered and Accredited (Times of India, July 3, 2018) “The UGC, having been around for over six decades, plays a critical role in funding universities and colleges with development grants for improving the quality of academic instruction, expansion of infrastructure and expenditure for research and other activities.“


Position Announcement: Vice President for Research and Policy Analysis, Council for Higher Education/International Quality Group.

The Vice President for Research and Policy Analysis will develop and oversee a comprehensive research program consistent with CHEA/CIQG goals and strategic thinking. Read the position announcement for more information.

Transforming University Education in Nigeria (The Guardian, July 1, 2018), “At the peak of the crises in tertiary education under General Sanni Abacha in 1996, the federal government used funding of tertiary institutions as a weapon of control. When tertiary institution unions demanded academic freedom and autonomy, the federal government responded by stating that it cannot be funding, almost wholly, tertiary education."

Higher Education System Modified (Zimbabwe Chronicle, June 18, 2018) “The Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework enables the development of standardised qualification through the establishment of minimum bodies of knowledge, thus enhancing transparency to institutions, learners, and employers.”

Rest Assured on Quality of Education (The Star Online, June 29, 2018) "As the sole quality assurance body for tertiary education in Malaysia, the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) is committed to ensuring the quality of higher education programmes offered by PHEIs.”

Beyond the Establishment of Quality Assurance Agencies (University World News, June 22, 2018) "A multitude of concerns that accompany the increasing expansion of higher education continue to speed up the establishment of quality assurance agencies (QAAs) in many parts of the world.”



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