India and In-Principle Approval of Online Courses Offerings

May 1, 2020


UGC Fillip to Online Courses (The Telegraph [India], April 28, 2020) “The University Grants Commission on Monday gave 'in-principle approval' to the idea of the country’s nearly 1,000 universities offering up to 40 per cent of any course online, with a select 200-odd among them conducting entire degree programmes online.”

CHEA Survey -- Accreditors and Assisting Institutions and Programs (Council for Higher Education Accreditation, April 24, 2020) “While responses vary among the different organizations, the survey indicates that accreditors are very much focused on providing flexibility to their accredited institutions and programs while, at the same time, maintaining requirements that all standards and policies are met.”

UK Transnational Education (TNE) a "Success Story" in Malaysia, Report Finds (The PIE News, April 27, 2020) “UK degrees offered in Malaysia – the second-largest host country for UK transnational education – have been praised as being both relevant to the local market and employment needs, as well as meeting the expectations of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, according to a new report.”

The Agile University Will Equip Students for the Future  (University World News, April 25, 2020) “The traditional and continuing main functions of universities are to teach and to research and in so doing, meet the needs of society and improve it. The challenges the sector faces need to be met within that context.”

UET Launches First Phase of Online Distance Learning (The International News [Pakistan], April 19, 2020) “University of Engineering and Technology (UET) has launched the first phase of the Online-cum-Distance Learning (ODL) program in the wake of lockdown due to Covid-19 and during this phase, classes will be conducted for the final semester undergraduate students only.”