The Importance of Quality Assurance in Choosing a University

September 24, 2018

THE CIQG QUALITY AWARD: Deadline for Applications is October 1, 2018

Quality graphicThe CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) is establishing a CIQG Quality Award to recognize outstanding performance of higher education providers in meeting the CHEA/CIQG International Quality Principles. The Award will be made annually based on submissions that provide evidence that the Principles are met. The Award is presented each year at the CIQG Annual Meeting.

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Public University or Private? How to Choose the Right Institution for You. (Yiba [South Africa],September 18, 2018) "Most importantly, your institution must be registered and accredited. South Africa has a single quality assurance system and one National Qualifications Framework, which means that any institution offering a registered and accredited qualification – whether public university or private – is offering a qualification of equal standing.”

Ministry of Education Ushers in New Era of Thai Education with Introduction of Quality Assurance Initiative (Thai Visa News, September 14, 2018) “The introduction of a new ministerial regulation, Quality Assurance for Education, [is] aimed at boosting the efficiency of the country's educational system and bringing it in line with international standards.”

Detecting Fake Degrees in a Digital World (University World News, September 13, 2018) “Generally speaking, there are three categories of fake diplomas. The first category is typically a diploma that seems to be issued by an accredited institution, but the diploma is in fact produced illegally. The person who bought the document has never studied at the institution in question. The second category comprises diplomas that are issued by accredited institutions, but the holder of the diploma has altered the information in the document, most commonly the grades. The third and last category includes fake diplomas issued by diploma mills (fake universities).”

Education Dept to Counsel Colleges Up For Autonomy (The Times of India, September 12, 2018) “Colleges that have received an ‘A+’ grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) will be considered. Once they have obtained academic autonomy, colleges can design their own courses, frame syllabi and conduct their preferred method of student evaluation. Autonomy helps institutions upgrade their quality of education and attracts more competent faculty as well.”