Higher Education Reform Debated in Chile and other Important News Updates

January 5, 2017

Higher Education Reform Debated in Chile (Inside Higher Ed, January 2, 2017) “A fundamentally important aspect of reform is that institutional autonomy must be protected against disproportionate demands for system regulation, transparency and quality assurance.” 

HEC to Conduct Academic Audit of Universities (The News International, January 2, 2017) “The [Higher Education Commission of Pakistan] academic audit would focus on defining quality assurance and enhancement in teaching and learning; identifying the processes and procedures used by departments for quality assurance; appraising the adequacy and effectiveness of the quality assurance processes and procedures; making appropriate recommendations for continuous improvement of the processes and procedures used for quality assurance and enhancement.”

Students in East Africa to Be Able to Transfer Credits If Presidents Approve Proposal (AllAfrica, December 26, 2016) “The framework was developed by the council in consultation with regulators of national higher education. Under the common higher education system, the countries in the region will recognise academic certificates from higher education institutions across the region, and students will be able to transfer credits.”

Towards a Fairer and More Robust University Ranking (University World News, December 21, 2016) “In future, through U-Multirank’s approach, it will be possible to have the benefits of fair ranking while at the same time embracing the diversity of global higher education that brings strength to education and research around the world.” 

Digital Education Still Ambiguous in Schools (New Straits Times, December 21, 2016) “The last five years have seen higher education evolving significantly to include digital content, learning platforms, online courses, education apps, and rethinking of how credit is awarded.”