Global Problem of Academic Corruption

September 17, 2019


Doctored Admissions: The U.S. University Admissions Scandal as a Global Problem (International Policy Digest, September 15, 2019) “The Council for Higher Education Accreditation’s recent report noted ‘the ubiquity and diversity of corruption in higher education, including unethical, inappropriate, sometimes illegal practices’ with evidence suggesting ‘that in every part of the world higher education is affected by corruption to some extent.’ Wonky parents are simply a small component of the sprawling picture.”

Serhiy Kvit: New Accreditation System and Why It Matters for Universities (Kyiv Post, [Ukraine] September 13, 2019) “The accreditation of Ukrainian higher education programs started under a new system in September.”

Egypt Among 20 Most Attractive Countries for International Students: Minister (Egypt Independent,September 8, 2019) “The development of higher education and scientific research services is part of Egypt’s 2030 sustainable development plan, through the development of infrastructure for educational institutions, ensuring student access to accreditation, modernizing curricula to meet international standards and supporting the culture of scientific research among university students.”

Academics Call for More Action Over Dissertation Mills (University World News, July 24, 2019) “Academics say the practice of ordering and paying for ready-made theses is growing among students at all levels in Algeria, but such fears are not being taken seriously by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.”

“The Dream of a Top 10 Bangladeshi Private University Appears Just as Distant as Before” (Dhaka Tribune, September 8, 2019) The systemic fault lies with the private universities. The public cannot distinguish among such a large number; they must be helped by the private universities insisting on accreditation.