Deputy Under Secretary of Education Announces Departure

November 25, 2015

U. S Department of Education Deputy Under Secretary Announces Departure (Inside Higher Ed, November 25, 2015; additional coverage in The Chronicle of Higher Education)
“Jamienne Studley, the No. 2 higher ed official at the Education Department, will leave this month after a frenetic two and a half years.”

‘About Time’ Value of Quality Assurance is Demonstrated (Times Higher Education, November 24, 2015)
“European Quality Assurance Forum told ‘surprisingly little work’ conducted on value of members’ activities."

Accreditor Offers Relief to Dual Credit Providers (Inside Higher Ed, November 20, 2015)
“The nation’s largest regional accreditor is giving colleges more time to meet an updated requirement on dual enrollment instructors.”

A College Watchdog Finally Barks, So the Colleges Get a New Watchdog (BuzzFeed News, November 19, 2015)
“The accreditor behind the most visible attempt in recent years to crack down on a college is being sidelined by the education industry it is meant to monitor.”

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