Connecticut Community Colleges Merger Goes On

July 28, 2020


Despite Pandemic, Opposition, Connecticut Merger Goes On (Inside Higher Ed, July 24, 2020) "At its latest meeting with its accrediting commission, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system presented its interim leadership and new name for the planned merger of its 12 community colleges."

Emerson-Marlboro Deal Approved by Vermont Attorney General After Eight Months (The Berkeley Beacon, July 20, 2020) "The review Monday found that, given Marlboro’s financial struggles and the likelihood that the college would lose accreditation if it stayed open, it was within its rights under Vermont state laws governing public benefit corporations to wind down Marlboro College’s affairs through an alliance with another educational institution.”

Developing the Future Workforce: Revitalizing Postsecondary Education and Training After COVID-19 (The Conference Board Public Policy Center, July 2020) "Accreditation reform must improve oversight of and transparency in the accreditation process. Reforms need to both incent accreditors to protect the interests of students and allow innovative providers to grow as they demonstrate success."

States and Quality Assurance in Online Education (Inside Higher Ed, July 20, 2020) "The number of Americans who are enrolling in interstate distance education has reached an all-time high -- and that means the stakes have never been higher for quality assurance in online education."

No Detail Too Small As Colleges Strategize for a Unique Year (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, July 19, 2020) "One prominent guidance plan comes from Open Smart EDU, published by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and Tuscany Strategy Consulting."