CHEA Recognition Process-Accepting Inquiries

June 25, 2019

Beginning July 1, 2019, CHEA is accepting inquiries from accrediting organizations that are non-governmental, U.S.-based membership organizations, interested in pursuing CHEA recognition.

The application process for CHEA recognition consists of three steps:

1.       Initial consultation with CHEA staff to determine whether to move forward with a recognition review.

2.       Completion of the Application Form for Recognition, accompanied by the non-refundable application fee.

3.       Completion of the Application Narrative for CHEA Recognition that provides evidence that the accreditation organization meets all CHEA requirements.

Resources related to the CHEA recognition process are available on the CHEA website at

Contact Lori Schroeder, Vice President for Recognition Services, at or 202-372-9254 for more information about the CHEA recognition process.