CHEA Comments to U.S. Department of Education and Other Accreditation-Related Issues

September 21, 2017

CHEA Comments to U.S. Department of Education on Regulatory Relief for Accreditation (Council for Higher Education Accreditation, September 20, 2017) “CHEA [is responding] to the U.S. Department of Education’s June 22, 2017, Federal Register notice requesting public comment on ‘regulations that may be appropriate for repeal, replacement or modification.’”

Education Dept. Confirms Initial Approval of Kaplan, EDMC Deals (Inside Higher Ed, September 20, 2017) “The U.S. Department of Education confirmed Wednesday that it has granted initial approval to acquisitions of Kaplan University and Education Management Corp., two large for-profits. The state of Indiana has backed Purdue's move. But the public university still must get approval from the Higher Learning Commission, the regional accreditor for both Purdue and Kaplan. EDMC is overseen by several accreditors. One has rejected part of the deal, while another has backed it.”

Higher Education Accreditation and the Federal Government (Urban Institute, September 2017) “[This paper offers] potential recommendations for reforming the federal government’s role in the accreditation process with the goal of improving program quality while reducing the burden on colleges and taxpayers.” The paper is part of a series of papers from the Urban Institute highlighting critical issues in higher education and recommending policy solutions.

AAU Sets Expectation for Data Transparency on Ph.D. Program Outcomes (Inside Higher Ed, September 20, 2017) “Chief academic officers representing AAU campuses at their annual meeting last endorsed a statement calling on ‘all Ph.D. granting universities and their respective Ph.D. granting colleges, schools and departments, to make a commitment to providing prospective and current students with easily accessible information.’ Such data should include student demographics, average time to finish a degree, financial support and career paths and outcomes both inside and outside academe, according to AAU.” 

Degrees for Sale: What Diploma Mills Mean for eLearning (eLearing Inside News, September 19, 2017) “Unaccredited institutions handing out bogus degrees are a major threat to the legitimacy and success of eLearning.”

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