Building An Innovation Culture Via the Bologna Process and other Important News Updates

December 22, 2016

Building an Innovation Culture via the Bologna Process (University World News, December 16, 2016) “It will be interesting to watch and see if, in the existing European climate of exits, the Bologna Process can continue to open new pathways, not only to speed the Process but to push it forward as well.”

Academic Benchmarking Compares Quality (Samoa Observer, December 19, 2016)  “Benchmarking can also be defined as a quality process used to evaluate performance by comparing institutional practices to sector good practice.”

'Global university rankings data are flawed’ – HEPI (University World News, December 15, 2016) “Governments and institutions should ignore leading international university rankings because they are 'unreliable' and “methodologically flawed,” according to a new analysis by the United Kingdom higher education think tank, the Higher Education Policy Institute or HEPI.

China, UK Forge Plans for Ongoing Ed Collaboration (The Pie News, December 9, 2016) “Areas of collaboration [will be] basic education; language teaching and assessment; technical and professional education and training; sports education and training; higher education (including quality assurance) and exchanges.”