Assuring Quality of HE Innovation and Other Accreditation-Related Issues

January 12, 2017

Ted Mitchell’s Farewell Address (Politico “Morning Education,” January 12, 2016) Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell "will also call for ‘responsible’ innovation in higher education: ‘We focus on student outcomes [and] hold institutions accountable.’”

U of L Accreditation Agency Blames Bevin (Courier-Journal, January 11, 2016) “The University of Louisville's accreditation agency blamed Gov. Matt Bevin for the school being put on probation Wednesday and says it has two years to correct course.”

ACICS-Accredited Colleges Meet Federal Deadline (Inside Higher Ed, January 10, 2016) “Before the end of December, all remaining ACICS institutions filed paperwork with the department to retain their federal aid eligibility for 18 months while seeking a new accreditor, the department said this week.”

Letter from Senator Elizabeth Warren to Secretary-Designate of U.S. Department of Education (January 9, 2016) Among questions asked by Senator Warren (D-Massachusetts) to Betsy DeVos: “What are your specific plans for improving performance of accreditors and for holding accreditors accountable for failures?”