Accreditation Extension Sought and Other Accreditation-Related News

January 4, 2018


For-Profit Group Wants Extension for ACICS Colleges (Inside Higher Ed, January 4, 2018) “Career Education Colleges and Universities, a trade group for the for-profit college sector, this week called on the U.S. Congress to give colleges that are accredited by an agency the Obama administration terminated more time to find a new accreditor.”

Five Trends Poised to Shake Up Higher Education in 2018 (Education Dive, January 3, 2018) “Five trends Education Dive expects higher education leaders to focus on in 2018.”

Apprenticeships? Competency-Based Programs? GOP-Led Overhaul of Higher Ed Looks to Push These Concepts Into Mainstream (The 74 Million, January 1, 2018) “Rep. Foxx, who heads the House education committee, said higher education accreditation organizations will help ensure quality. Democrats on the committee expressed doubt that that would be sufficient.”

What to Watch as Congress Reauthorizes the Higher Education Act (Politico “Morning Education,” January 2, 2018) “Many expect the final version of the rewritten Higher Education Act will look more like whatever the Senate unveils, likely early this year. The House proposal approved in committee and headed to the House floor this year includes a slew of partisan measures unlikely to pass both chambers.”

From DACA to DeVos: Education Predictions for 2018 (NPR, January 2, 2018) “Higher education will dominate headlines.”

Want to Make College More Affordable? Start by Reforming the Accreditation System (CNN, December 27, 2017) “Backed by the US Department of Education, a cartel of regional accreditors is quietly making college more expensive by stifling competition and severely limiting students' higher education options.”

Higher Ed Reform Starts With Redefining Accreditation and Debt Repayment (The Hill, December 21, 2017) “Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) recently introduced the 115th Higher Education Reform and Opportunity (HERO) Act — a proposal that, among other things, attempts to tackle the student loan beast and transform accreditation so that students can access a range of innovative educational opportunities.”