Accreditation Bill Reintroduced and Other Accreditation-Related Issues

November 9, 2017

speakersSpeakers at the CHEA 2018 Annual Conference – January 29 (early evening reception) to midday, January 31 – and the CIQG 2018 Annual Meeting – January 31 (late afternoon session) through February 1 – will include Frank Bruni, New York Times Op-Ed Columnist; Martin Kurzweil, Director, Educational Transformation, Ithaka S+R; Herman de Leeuw, Executive Director, Groningen Declaration Network; Michael Reilly, Executive Director, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers; and Lesley Wilson, Secretary General, European University Association.

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DeSantis Reintroduces Accreditation Bill (Inside Higher Ed, November 8, 2017) “Representative Ron DeSantis introduced a bill Tuesday that would allow states to set up a parallel accrediting system to direct federal student aid money to a range of career training programs. DeSantis and Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, first introduced the legislation in 2015. And conservative Republicans have talked about some version of the proposal since 2013.”

Seven Things to Know About Online-Only Universities (U.S. News & World Report, November 9, 2017) “While it's important to ensure that an online program is accredited before enrolling, it's particularly important with online-only universities, given the large number of fake programs out there and because employers may be less likely to immediately recognize the school's name. Ensure that the Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognizes the accrediting agency.”

Madam Secretary DeVos, Tear Down These Regional Higher-Ed Accreditors (Forbes, November 7, 2017) “Does the accreditation process serve students, parents, employers, and taxpayers?”

To Merge or Not (Inside Higher Ed, November 7, 2017) “Saving money, in particular, is the driving reason behind Connecticut State Colleges and Universities President Mark Ojakian’s plan to consolidate the state’s 12