Accreditation and Financially At-Risk Colleges

October 14, 2020


Guidance for Financially At-Risk Colleges (Inside Higher Ed, October 13, 2020) "Colleges and universities achieve accreditation from [the New England Commission of Higher Education] by demonstrating they meet nine specific standards, each of which articulates a dimension of institutional quality. One thing I have learned over the first months on the job is that for almost every question that comes to us, a discrete standard of accreditation applies."

A Historic Investment in Education and in Maine (Bangor Daily News, October 11, 2020) "The half a billion dollars in grants that the Harold Alfond Foundation has pledged to several higher education and research institutions is an astronomical sum and a historic investment in Maine’s future. We love what the chancellor and the Board of Trustees have been able to accomplish in approving unified accreditation,' Afond Foundation Chairman Greg Powell said."

Century Foundation Urges Arizona-Ashford Scrutiny (Inside Higher Ed, October 8, 2020) "The Internal Revenue Service has become an 'unreliable enforcer of non-profit integrity,' Shireman wrote. But accreditors, federal regulators and state agencies can still turn things around, he argued."

This Man Earns $21,000 a Year and Owes $24,000 in Student Debt After His College Closed. Why Wasn't Anyone Held Accountable? (MarketWatch, October 7, 2020) "Six months after the school lost accreditation, all students learned for the first time that the school was not accredited and that it would close, according to court documents. To Infusino, who needed just three more quarters of classes to earn his degree, the school’s shutdown was abrupt. But court documents allege that the school’s executives knew for months that it was in financial trouble and would likely need to close."