USDE and Accreditation Warnings and Other Accreditation-Related Issues

April 18, 2017

Education Department Begins Publishing Accreditation Warnings (Politico "Morning Education," April 17, 2017) "The Education Department last week began publicly posting online when colleges have run into serious trouble with their accreditor. The department, following guidance that the Obama administration issued last year, now flags in a database when a college’s accreditation could be in jeopardy and provide a link to the accreditor's decision."

If We Can't Repeal the Higher Education Act, Let's Improve It (The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, April 14, 2017) "Another change proposed by [the National Association of Scholars] pertains to accreditation, which it would modify so as to make it easier for new colleges and different kinds of colleges to qualify to receive federal student aid money."

The Fall and Rise of a College (Journal & Courier, April 14, 2017) "Another huge hurdle St. Joseph’s will now need to overcome if it reopens is regaining the accreditation it surrendered.”

The (Temporary?) U.S. Education Team (Inside Higher Ed, April 13, 2017) "Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced the hiring of nine senior staff members Wednesday, including an acting under secretary with significant experience working on student aid and postsecondary issues."


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