Unit Records and Other Accreditation-Related Issues

May 19, 2017

Push for 'Unit Records' Revived (Inside Higher Ed, May 16, 2017) “Bipartisan group of senators wants to end ban on collecting data many say would help students and the public judge colleges.” (See also Representatives Mitchell and Polis Introduce The College Transparency Act of 2017News Release, May 17, 2017)

The Innovator's Dilemma Hits Higher Ed (Wall Street Journal [Subscription Required], May 15, 2017) “The venture is unexpected, unconventional and smart. The nature of the partnership – in which Kaplan will transfer its assets to Purdue, a public university – is unprecedented. It’s also a rare instance of attempted self-disruption.” (See also A Monstrous Muddle of No-Profit and For-Profit HEUniversity World News, May 12, 2017)

House Democrats Begin New Higher Ed Campaign (Politico “Morning Education,” May 15, 2017) “Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.), the top Democrat on the House education committee, Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the higher education subcommittee, and other Democrats are unveiling a new legislative campaign today that’s focused on higher education access, affordability and completion issues.”

Betsy DeVos Says It's Time to ‘Start Fresh’ on Higher Education (CNSNews, May 15, 2017) “The federal government’s control over our accreditation system is not a particularly popular topic, but it has dramatic consequences on the ability of American universities to thrive and innovate.”

US Watchdogs Face ‘Crisis’ in Post-Truth Age (Times Higher Education [Subscription Required], May 10, 2017) “Judith Eaton, president of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, told the Quality Assurance Agency’s annual conference that accreditors had been ‘subject to great deal of criticism’ as legislators asked ‘very public and not very polite questions about how higher education is serving our country.’”

Veterinary Accreditors Going Paperless (JAVMA News, May 10, 2017) “The [American Veterinary Medical Association] Council on Education and the Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities say the electronic system will streamline the accreditation process and allow for more effective use of staff’s talents.”