College Completion and Other Accreditation-Related Issues

December 8, 2016

Completion and the Value of College (Inside Higher Ed, December 8, 2016) “Another rare spot of agreement between Republicans and Democrats is that the accreditation process should be reformed, albeit in different ways. The Obama administration and Senate Democrats have pushed accreditors to scrutinize student outcomes, including completion rates and employment outcomes. Republicans seem less likely than Democrats to prod accreditors to set ‘bright lines’ for graduation rates.”

Education Department Places Hefty Conditions on University of Phoenix Sale (Washington Post, December 7, 2016) “The deal has been blessed by Apollo’s board and shareholders. It must also get a thumbs-up from the Higher Learning Commission, an accreditation group.”

Bevin Should Drop U of L Legal Fight (Lexington Herald Leader, December 7, 2016) “Rather than risk the University of Louisville’s accreditation — and perhaps the accreditation of Kentucky’s other public universities — Gov. Matt Bevin should drop his legal appeal, appoint five new Republican trustees and walk away from this unnecessary fight before inflicting further damage.” (See also Baylor and U. of Louisville Get Heat From AccreditorChronicle of Higher Education, December 6, 2016)

Other Accreditors Weigh In on ACICS Battle With CFPB (Politico “Morning Education,” December 7, 2016) “Four national accrediting agencies and a higher education association are once again going to bat for the embattled for-profit college accreditor that’s locked in an ongoing legal dispute with the CFPB. The accreditors and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, which advocates for accreditation on behalf of colleges and universities, filed an amicus brief [December 6].” (See also Chamber of Commerce Chimes in on CFPB-Accreditor DisputePolitico “Morning Education,’ December 8, 2016)

The Case Against Oversimplified Accountability (Inside Higher Ed, December 6, 2016) “Focus on any single labor market metric to judge colleges’ outcomes will create flawed policy, but a mix of such measures can help evaluate institutions’ performance, scholarly study finds.”

Global Coalition Sets Out How to Keep Universities Safe From Harm (Times Higher Education, December 6, 2016) “It is partly up to [the higher education sector] to ‘assist states in reviewing national policies and laws, with due respect for the values essential to quality higher ensure that higher education communities are physically secure and free from intimidation and improper external influence.’”

Leadership Update (Politico “Morning Education, December 7, 2016) “Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) has been re-elected by the Democratic caucus to serve as the ranking member of the [U.S. House of Representatives] Committee on Education and the Workforce.”