Bangladesh Accreditation Council Bill Passed and other Important News Updates

March 10, 2017

JS Passes Accreditation Council Bill Aimed at Ensuring Quality Higher Education (New Age Bangladesh, March 9, 2017) “Jatiya Sangsad passed Bangladesh Accreditation Council Bill 2017 aiming to ensure quality of higher education at both public and private universities.”

Qualifications Deal to Boost NZ-South Korea Mobility (The Pie News, March 6, 2017) “A new qualifications recognition agreement signed by education officials of New Zealand and South Korea could 'open up a world of study opportunities' for young people in the two countries.”

Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education Week from March 6-10 (Jamaica Information Service, March 5, 2017) “’What we are looking at is to help institutions establish their internal quality-assurance systems so they are able to self-regulate and, therefore, work towards ensuring they maintain a robust quality-assurance system that ensures excellence, transparency, integrity and adherence to minimum standards.’”

Africa: Concerns as African Graduates Half Baked, Fail to Impress at Work (AllAfrica, March 1, 2017) “"Many African tertiary institutions produce half-baked graduates that aren't fit for the world of work mainly because of the way they are taught and the absence of curricular reviews that should respond to the calls of industry's contemporary needs.”

China Seeks Tighter Ideological Control of Its Top Universities (The Chronicle for Higher Education, March 1, 2017) “The announcement of new inspections to be conducted of the party committees of 29 top universities in China as part of the country’s anti-corruption campaign is not just about rooting out malpractice but is also the latest move by the government to tighten ideological control of universities, experts say.”

EQUIP Focus Group: Quality Assurance Challenges and Particularities (European Students’ Union, February 28, 2017) “Participants identified common challenges, such as for instance the lack of student participation or the need to find more qualified individuals working on Quality Assurance processes on specific fields.”