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CHEA Priorities for Higher Education Authorization

  The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), working with other Washington-based higher education associations, is anticipating that major activity on reauthorization of the Higher Education Act will get underway after the first of the year. During the remainder of this year, we will be monitoring Congress and the United States Department of Education in those areas of particular importance to accreditation. Here are CHEA's reauthorization priorities as summarized from the July 29, 1997 testimony of board chair Robert Glidden before the Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning of the US House of Representatives.

  1. Clarify the limitations of the federal government's regulatory authority over academic matters and re-affirm the role of accreditation in quality assurance for higher education
  2. Eliminate State Postsecondary Review Entity program (SPRE) language.
  3. Distinguish and reaffirm the respective roles of the federal government (fiscal oversight), accreditation (quality assurance and improvement), and states (consumer protection) in ensuring educational, finanacial and administrative integrity in student aid programs.

    Additional language change to:

  4. Eliminate duplicate reporting between the higher education community and the federal government for Title IV.
  5. Clarify that new instructional sites of existing programs are not "branch campuses."
  6. Eliminate mandatory site visit requirements for accreditors for program changes (visits within six months) and vocational programs (unannounced visits).
  7. Affirm that public and private college trustees may participate as representatives of the public in accrediting associations.
  8. Change the language of USDE regulatory authority to "recognize" rather than "approve" the content of accreditation standards.

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