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Direct Billing Pilot

This year CHEA begins a major financial changeover: collection of CHEA dues by the eight regional accrediting commissions from its 3,100 member institutions will give way to CHEA's direct billing of member colleges and universities.

CHEA has developed a 1999 pilot direct billing project with the Northwest Association Commission on Colleges. Working with Sandra Elman, Executive Director of the Northwest Association, CHEA will test direct billing with the 152 members of the Northwest Association Commission on Colleges during late Spring 1999 to collect dues for 1999-2000. Judith Eaton, CHEA's President, met with the Commission at its meeting in Seattle on December 10, 1998, and reviewed plans for the pilot project.

All 3,100 CHEA institutional members will be billed directly in late Spring 2000 for 2000-2001 dues. CHEA dues will remain at the level established by the Board of Directors in 1996. No dues increase is contemplated at this time. •


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