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1999 Negotiated Rulemaking

CHEA, working with Washington-based associations and accrediting organizations from around the country, participated in the 1999 negotiated rulemaking conducted by the U.S. Department of Education that establishes the regulatory framework for the statutory changes in the 1998 Higher Education Reauthorization. There were significant gains for colleges, universities, and the accrediting community that resulted from negotiated rulemaking. Proposals include:

  • A clarification of expectations of accrediting organizations when demonstrating “reliability and validity”: The regulations now call for a more general requirement for a systematic and comprehensive review of standards by each accreditor on a regular basis.
  • Modification of the requirements for branch campuses: Site visits generally will not be required of institutions that are in good standing and have established three or more additional locations.
  • No new or additional federal regulatory requirements for accrediting organizations.

The next step for these proposals is the public comment period that will last until Aug. 24. The Department will consider any comments and publish final regulations. For additional information, please go to the governmental relations page of the CHEA website and view the July 27, 1999 memorandum distributed by CHEA. •


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