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January 12, 2018

CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) International QA in the News provides the latest briefings, articles, reports, op-eds and reviews about quality assurance around the world. CHEA/CIQG will be publishing this update as needed to keep you informed about important issues that have an effect on quality assurance and its practitioners.

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The CHEA 2018 Annual Conference–January 29 (early evening reception) to midday, January 31–and the CIQG 2018 Annual Meeting–January 31 (late afternoon session) through February 1–will feature top speakers from accreditation and quality assurance, colleagues, colleges and universities, government and media.

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Ensure You Make the Right Study Choice the First Time (Biz Community, January 11, 2018) “Because South Africa has a single quality assurance system and one National Qualifications Framework, any institution offering a registered and accredited qualification – whether public or private – is offering a qualification of equal standing, which means that prospective students may have many and more exciting options than they may have realised.”

Dispute Over De-Accreditation of WSU Law Degree Goes to Court (Sowentan Live, January 10, 2018) “A legal fight is brewing between the Higher Education Transformation Network and the [South Africa] Council for Higher Education (CHE) over the de-accreditation of Walter Sisulu University's law degree.”

Government Colleges at Sea Over NAAC’s Revamped Accreditation Process (Times of India, January 9, 2018) “The revamped accreditation process of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has left government educational institutions across the state in a quandary.”

A Student’s Primer on Accreditation (Al-Fanar Media, January 9, 2018) “For many degrees, both universities and students have come to rely on European and American agencies to review the quality of educational programs. Rankings of universities tend to be heavily weighted toward the research a university produces, but accreditation is more focused on teaching and the resources available to students.”

Fake or Unrecognised (The News [Pakistan], January 7, 2018) “Thousands of students are working and paying their way towards graduating with a degree that is not recognised by the Higher Education Commission.”

HEAC Cancels Jordan Classification of Universities (Jordan Times, January 3, 2018) “The Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC) on Tuesday cancelled the recently published Jordan classification of universities.”

Are University Accreditation Results Credible? (VietnamNet, January 3, 2018) “Independence must be the optimal principle of accreditation centers. And the centers must be put under state management and supervision to be sure they strictly observe the required procedures in accrediting schools.”



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Last Modified: Jan 16, 2018

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