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2019 CIQG Quality Award

Deadline for Applications: October 1, 2019

Award InformationQuality Award

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation International Quality Group (CHEA/CIQG) has established a CIQG Quality Award to recognize outstanding performance of higher education providers in meeting the CHEA/CIQG International Quality Principles. The Award is made annually based on submissions that provide evidence that the Principles are met. The CIQG Advisory Council, a group of 20 higher education and quality assurance experts and leaders, is responsible for identifying annual Award winners.

To be eligible to apply for the Award, a higher education provider must be successfully reviewed for quality or accredited by the competent authority in its country or region. The Award is presented each year at the CIQG Annual Meeting.

Award Requirements, Based on CIQG International Quality Principles


2019 CIQG Quality Award Application Form


Award Process

The Award process is carried out electronically as follows:

  1. The CIQG Advisory Council issues an annual Call for Applications for the Award, including a timetable for submission of applications, review of applications and granting the Award.
  1. The Call for Applications includes a description of expected types of evidence in addressing each of the International Quality Principles.
  1. The Award Application Form prepared by the CIQG Advisory Council is to be used by each provider seeking the Award. The application needs to include evidence of how the provider is addressing each of the Principles.
  1. A Panel of Experts reviews the Award applications. The Panel is composed of five to seven members of the CIQG Advisory Council.

Application Format

To be considered for an award, a provider is to complete the five sections of this application.

Section 1: Contact information for individual submitting the application

Section 2: Provider endorsement by the chief executive officer or chief academic officer

Section 3: Provider Overview

Section 4: Application summary (100 words or less)

Section 5: Evidence that Principles are met (response to each Principle not to exceed one-to-two pages)

Applications that do not conform to format and length will not be considered by the Panel of Experts. The application form is to provide full information in response to each of the Principles as outlined in the award overview. Please provide a succinct description of how each principle is met; do not rely solely on a review of links by the Panel. Applications are to be submitted in English.

Award Timeline

August 1, 2019    Award Announcement
October 1, 2019   Deadline for Applications
October 15-December 1, 2019   Panel of Experts Review of Applications
During December 2019    Panel of Experts Consultation
During January 2020     Notification to Award Winner
January 29-30, 2020       Award Presentation

Suggested Reference Materials

CIQG Principles   CIQG Principles Book

CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) International Quality Principles
(Arabic) (Chinese) (French) (Japanese) (Portuguese) (Russian) (Spanish)
  THE CIQG International Quality Principles: Toward a Shared Understanding of Quality
(edited by Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić)

Submission Method

Applications may be submitted as email attachments in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat format and sent to The CIQG Quality Award Application Form provided by CHEA/CIQG must be used.

Due Date

Applications must be received by Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Acknowledgment of receipt of application will be sent to the applicant via email.

Award Requirements, Based on CIQG International Quality Principles


2019 CIQG Quality Award Application Form

Additional Information

For information about CHEA/CIQG, please visit For questions about the CIQG Quality Award, contact Joél Espinoza at 202-955-6126 or