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Search the CHEA Website

Enter a query in the “Search for” box and click the “Submit” button. The word or words searched for will appear highlighted in the Results column below. For many searches, several “Recommended Links” will appear at the top of the Results column.

Links to results of the search are highlighted in blue at the top of each item.

When you have finished using the search engine, you can navigate to other parts of the CHEA Website by clicking on the category buttons at the top of the page, or simply click on the “Home” button to return to the CHEA Website’s Home Page.

Advanced Search Features

You can search for an exact phrase by entering quotes around the words (for example, “CHEA recognition”).

You can use an asterisk to indicate a “wildcard” search. This is particularly useful when you are trying to find a match for a word that may be found in several forms on the CHEA Website. For example, typing accred* will yield search results including accreditation, accrediting, accreditor, accredited and other words beginning with accred.

You also can search specific sections of the CHEA Website by checking the “Category” boxes under the “Search for” box. You can check one or more of these boxes, or simply check the “All” box to search the entire CHEA Website.

Note: CHEA’s Database of Institutions and Programs Accredited by Recognized United States Accrediting Organizations is not searchable using this search engine. The Database contains a search feature that allows users to search for either accredited institutions or accredited programs.

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