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December 27, 2016   

Accreditation in the News compiles news, articles and reports covering accreditation and quality assurance issues in the United States and internationally.

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A Day in the Life of Virginia Foxx (Chronicle of Higher Education, December 22, 2016) “She wants to streamline federal reporting requirements, and ensure that accreditors are gathering the most-useful information on costs and student outcomes. But she opposes federal mandates on accreditors, and led the successful effort to ban the creation of a federal unit-record system for tracking individual students through college, citing privacy concerns.”

Why Specialized Accreditation Matters to Companies Like Caterpillar, IBM (Crain’s Chicago Business, December 22, 2016) “Specialized accreditors play a critical role in ensuring the quality of education of future professionals: engineers, computer scientists, doctors, architects, nurses, lawyers and many others.”

Accreditation in the Policy Crosshairs (AASCU Public Purpose, Fall, 2016) “American-style accreditation has proven such a gold standard for quality assurance and improvement that other countries are replicating it for their purposes, often in connection with programmatic and specialized postsecondary offerings. Ironically, however, just as voluntary accreditation is being increasingly recognized as an effective tool for improving higher education in other parts of the world, it is confronting significant hostility and opposition here at home.”

What’s In and What’s Out for Colleges as Trump Takes Office (Chronicle of Higher Education, December 21, 2016) “In: Federal student aid for education providers that bypass traditional accreditation. The Obama administration took steps in that direction with a program known as Equip, but many policy advocates and political leaders around the country are keen to see a lot more of the approach.”

Temporary Restraining Order Denial (ACICS News, December 20, 2016) “Federal District Senior Judge Reggie B. Walton [on December 20] denied ACICS’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent implementation of the December 12, 2016 decision by the Department of Education to withdraw ACICS’s recognition as a nationally-recognized accreditation agency.” (See also article in the Weekly Standard.)

How For-Profit Colleges Can Generate Better Student Outcomes and Long-Term Success (Inside Higher Ed, December 21, 2016) “The good news is that for-profit-college administrators can undertake a number of restructuring alternatives, without resorting to filing for bankruptcy, to improve their business operations, maintain accreditation, strengthen financial resources, improve use of campus resources and bolster enrollment.”


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