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November 10, 2016   

CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) International QA in the News provides the latest briefings, articles, reports, op-eds and reviews about quality assurance around the world. CHEA/CIQG will be publishing this update as needed to keep you informed about important issues that have an effect on quality assurance and its practitioners.

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UNESCO Stakeholders Meeting on Indicators for Internationalization of Higher Education in ASEAN+6 (SEAMEO-RIHED, November 4, 2016) “In order to achieve the 4th UN Sustainable Development Growth (SDG4), also known as Education 2030, the necessity to develop appropriate indicator and effective monitoring mechanisms for internationalisation of higher education was recognised in the Education 2030 Framework for Action.”

Transforming Higher Education through Regionalisation (University World News, November 4, 2016) “Compared with what has been achieved in Europe toward establishing a common academic/qualification framework for promoting student mobility, the mechanisms to promote East Asian integration in higher education have not yet been fully developed.”

Indian University Withdraws from Plan to Buy 2 US Campuses (China Post, November 3, 2016) “Before colleges that receive federal funding can be sold, their buyers must gain approval from the state government, the U.S. Department of Education and from an accrediting agency.”

Academic Freedom Under Threat Everywhere (Inside Higher Ed, November 7, 2016) “In the current political climate, academic freedom is perhaps the most contested aspect of higher education.”

New Agency to Monitor Quality of University Education (University World News, November 4, 2016) “The northwest African nation of Mauritania is to set up a national quality assurance authority to strengthen the competitiveness of its universities and develop a higher education system of international quality.”

IIE Offers Scholarships for Syrian Students with Support from Major Foundations (Institute of International Education, November 7, 2016) “The Institute of International Education (IIE) unveiled a new $1 million scholarship fund to enable Syrian students with financial need to study at accredited U.S. colleges and universities.”

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