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  March 4, 2016   

Accreditation in the News compiles news, articles and reports covering accreditation and quality assurance issues in the United States and internationally.


The Triad and For-Profits (Inside Higher Ed, March 4, 2016) “State agencies are viewed as primarily being responsible for consumer protection, with accreditors focusing on quality and the federal government on financial aid and money issues more broadly.”

Mount St. Mary’s University President Resigns (The Washington Post, February 29, 2016) “Some faculty members said the [accreditation] standards that were singled out – leadership and governance, integrity, student admissions and retention, and faculty – are clear indications of concern about recent events.”

Trump U in the Spotlight (Inside Higher Ed, March 1, 2016) “The for-profit enterprise did not award degrees, was not accredited and didn’t receive federal funding, putting it outside the reach of regulators at the U.S. Department of Education, which has cracked down on some for-profit education providers under the Obama administration.”

A Grim Budget Picture Means Even More Pain for Louisiana’s Colleges (The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 2, 2016) “The regional accreditor that oversees the state’s public colleges has warned that the financial instability could lead to sanctions or even revoking the accreditation of colleges.”

QAA To Support Albanian University Review (Times Higher Education, February 29, 2016) “The [UK] Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has agreed [to] a major deal to help review standards in Albania’s higher education system, as it looks to expand its international activities.”

World Bank and Government of Tajikistan Launch New Higher Education Project (Financial, March 1, 2016)
“The goal of the project, financed from the International Development Association for the amount of US$15 million, is to develop mechanisms that improve and monitor the quality and labor-market relevance of higher education in the country, according to the World Bank.”

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