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September 28, 2017

CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) International QA in the News provides the latest briefings, articles, reports, op-eds and reviews about quality assurance around the world. CHEA/CIQG will be publishing this update as needed to keep you informed about important issues that have an effect on quality assurance and its practitioners.

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CIQG Webinar #3
Quality Assurance and the
Challenge of Addressing Academic Corruption

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Government [Rwanda] Sign New Agreement to Improve Quality of Higher Education (Rwanda Eye, September 27, 2017) “The government of Rwanda through the ministry of education and HES SO Valais University from Switzerland today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance capacity and quality in higher education.”

How Arab Countries Regulate Quality in Higher Education (The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 20, 2017) “Despite the weakness of quality assurance in Arab countries, sometimes government agencies have gotten tough and closed down poorly performing universities.“

Investments in Higher Education Will Pay Off – AAU (Ghana News Agency, September 20, 2017) “The topic of Quality Assurance is one critical area which lay at the heart of the organizational mandate of the AAU and thus receives priority attention in the Strategic Plan and Core Programme of the Association.”

The Trouble With Academic Malpractice in Indonesia: A Closer Look at a Disturbing Trend (The Diplomat, Sepember 20, 2017) “It is the responsibility of each university to do their part to make sure that there is credibility behind their quality.”

World Bank: Reforming Education in Arab World Must Be Priority (Asharq Al-Awsat, September 18, 2017) “The next level of developing education in the region appears difficult to achieve in that it needs to develop an accountability and assessment mechanism.”



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