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Webinar Series on Quality Assurance and Combatting Academic Corruption

Webinar #2: Focus on Plagiarism 

July 10, 2017

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) International Quality Group (CIQG) has been focusing on the role of quality assurance in combatting academic corruption in higher education, seeking to enhance the capacity of accreditation and quality assurance bodies in addressing this important challenge. CHEA/CIQG, working with the International Institute for Educational Planning of UNESCO, published an Advisory Statement for Effective International Practice in 2016. CIQG initiated a Webinar Series later in the year. The first Webinar provided an overview of the role of quality assurance and academic corruption.
This second Webinar explored the role of quality assurance with a particular focus on plagiarism. View a replay of the Webinar.
The third Webinar is scheduled for October 12, 2017. It will address explore the standards, practices and policies of quality assurance organizations from various countries and regions to address what quality assurance is doing now to fight academic corruption and what it might do in the future.
Click here for references and resources on quality assurance and combatting academic corruption.
Five questions provided the foundation for our discussion:
  1. view webinar replayWhether or not there was an intent to commit plagiarism, what might be effective responses from the quality assurance community?
  2. What is considered plagiarism in one country may be considered acceptable practice in another. How might quality assurance address this?
  3. What tools or activities might quality assurance bodies create to raise awareness about plagiarism?
  4. A number of institutions already have processes to identify and act on plagiarism. What might quality assurance do to further enhance an institution’s efforts to address this practice?
  5. What would be the expected results of effective quality assurance intervention to combat plagiarism?

The conversation was led by a respected panel of international experts:

Carolyn Campbell
Senior Consultant
Observatory on Borderless
Higher Education
(United Kingdom)
Jamil Salmi
Global Tertiary
Education Expert
N. V. Varghese
Director of the Center for Policy Research in Higher Education at the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (India)
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