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February 16, 2017

CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) International QA in the News provides the latest briefings, articles, reports, op-eds and reviews about quality assurance around the world. CHEA/CIQG will be publishing this update as needed to keep you informed about important issues that have an effect on quality assurance and its practitioners.


UHS Quality Assurance Awareness Week Observed (The News International, February 16, 2017) “The Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission [is] very keen and serious in ensuring quality higher education in Pakistani institutions which met international standards.”

Independent Accreditation Body Proposed to Fix Education Sector Glitches (The Mirror, February 14, 2017) “The Sri Lankan government should introduce an independent accreditation body to monitor and regulate both state and private sector higher education institutes, a leading figure of a state-run economic policy think tank advocated this week.”

4th SHARE National Workshop: Impact of Qualifications Frameworks and Regional Quality Assurance Standards (SHARE, February 13, 2017) “[The Workshop] provided comprehensive input about the current state of the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework and the Indonesian Qualification Reference Framework, the relationship between the two, and the alignment of national and regional standards in Quality Assurance.”

Quality Assurance, Higher Education and the SDGs (University World News, February 5, 2017) “Noting that higher education lies at the core of many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, the chief of UNESCO's higher education division last week [at the 2017 CIQG Annual Meeting] outlined for quality assurance professionals the role they can play in contributing to the success of the initiative.”

Special Edition: 2017 CHEA Annual Conference and CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) Annual Meeting (Accreditation in the News, February 7, 2017) A compilation of articles on the 2017 CHEA Annual Conference and CIQG Annual Meeting, held January 30-February 2 in Washington, DC.


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